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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to this issue of the Proceedings of the ACM on Human- Computer Interaction, on the contributions of the research community Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW). This issue contains a carefully selected set of papers, accepted through our review process from among the 658 world-wide... (more)

The Perpetual Work Life of Crowdworkers: How Tooling Practices Increase Fragmentation in Crowdwork

Crowdworkers regularly support their work with scripts, extensions, and software to enhance their productivity. Despite their evident significance, little is understood regarding how these tools affect crowdworkers' quality of life and work. In this study, we report findings from an interview study (N=21) aimed at exploring the tooling practices... (more)

Vicariously Experiencing it all Without Going Outside: A Study of Outdoor Livestreaming in China

The livestreaming industry in China is gaining greater traction than its European and North American counterparts and has a profound impact on the... (more)

Customizations and Expression Breakdowns in Ecosystems of Communication Apps

The growing adoption of emojis, stickers and GIFs suggests a corresponding demand for rich, personalized expression in messaging apps. Some people... (more)

Orienting to Networked Grief: Situated Perspectives of Communal Mourning on Facebook

Contemporary American experiences of death and mourning increasingly extend onto social network sites, where friends gather to memorialize the deceased. That "everyone grieves in their own way'' may be true, but it forecloses important questions about how people evaluate these expressions, their relationship to others who are grieving, and impacts... (more)

Crowdsourcing Perceptions of Fair Predictors for Machine Learning: A Recidivism Case Study

The increased reliance on algorithmic decision-making in socially impactful processes has intensified the calls for algorithms that are unbiased and... (more)

Makers and Quilters: Investigating Opportunities for Improving Gender-Imbalanced Maker Groups

Recent efforts to diversify participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activities through informal learning environments, such as hackathons and makerspaces, confirm a real desire for inclusion among potential female participants. However, understanding factors that may contribute to longer-term, sustainable diversification... (more)

Automatically Analyzing Brainstorming Language Behavior with Meeter

Language both influences and indicates group behavior, and we need tools that let us study the content of what is communicated. While one could... (more)

Towards Successful Knowledge Integration in Online Collaboration: An Experiment on the Role of Meta-Knowledge

Successful knowledge integration, that is, systematic synthesis of unshared information, is key to suc-cess, but at the same time a challenging... (more)

"This Place Does What It Was Built For": Designing Digital Institutions for Participatory Change

Whether we recognize it or not, the Internet is rife with exciting and original institutional forms that are transforming social organization on and offline. Governing these Internet platforms and other digital institutions has posed a challenge for engineers and managers, many of whom have little exposure to the relevant history or theory of... (more)

The Dynamics of Peer-Produced Political Information During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign

Wikipedia plays a crucial role for online information seeking and its editors have a remarkable... (more)

Implications of Grassroots Sustainable Agriculture Community Values on the Design of Information Systems

Information system designers embed values into the systems they design, even if unwittingly.... (more)

Call for Editor-in-Chief

PACM HCI is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief.   Deadline for expression of interest is October 25, 2019.  Please see the Search for Editor-in-Chief page for more details.  


Proceedings of the ACM on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is a journal for research relevant to multiple aspects of the intersection between human factors and computing systems. Characteristics of humans from individual cognition, to group effects, to societal impacts shape and are shaped by computing systems. Human and computer interactions affect multiple aspects of daily life, shape mass social changes, and guide novel computing experiences. These interactions are studied via multiple methods, including ethnography, surveys, experiments, and system implementation among others. PACMHCI covers a broad range of topics and methods that help illuminate the intersection between humans and computing systems. The scope of this journal includes research contributions in new systems for input and output, studies of user experiences with computing systems, scholarship on the individual and group effects of computer mediation, and societal impacts of new human computer interactions. PACMHCI also welcomes contributions on new methodologies, tools, theories and models, as well as visionary and survey papers that help advance the field.

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