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PACMHCI is governed by non-paid volunteers: the Editor-In-Chief, Editors, and the Advisory Board. PACMHCI is under the purview of the ACM Special Interest Group on Human Computer Interaction (SIGCHI). The Vice President of Publications for SIGCHI acts as an Advisory Board member

The Editor-In-Chief is one of the Editors with ultimate responsibility for the journal, and chairs the editorial board.  The Editor-In-Chief serves a term of 3 years, with an option of a second 3-year term. The current Editor-In-Chief is Cliff Lampe (appointed January 1, 2017). The Editors are appointed by their research communities in consultation with the Editor-in-Chief to assist in managing the operation of the journal, assigning papers to Associate Editors, and ensure a high-quality and timely review process. The current Editor-in-Chief is serving on an interim basis.

The Associate Editors are appointed by the Editors. They are responsible for managing the review process for individual submissions. New Associate Editors during each phase of paper submission to insure inclusivity and diversity of the reviewing process.

The Advisory Board provides oversight of the journal’s practices and procedures, and is chaired by the Editor-In-Chief. The advisory board advises the Editor-In-Chief on matters related to the oversight of the journal’s practices and procedures.  The membership is chosen by the current Editor-In-Chief to represent key communities that the journal serves. The role of the Advisory Board is to provide oversight of the journal and appoint or reappoint the Editor-In-Chief. The current Advisory Board was appointed on January 1, 2017.

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