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PACM HCI Seeks New Editor-in-Chief

Position: Editor-in-Chief

Journal: Proceedings of the ACM in Human Computer Interaction (PACMHCI)

PACMHCI is a journal associated with the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction (ACM SIGCHI). Communities within the SIGCHI group of conferences edit individual issues of the journal with content from their different research areas. Currently, the CSCW, EICS and GROUP communities edit issues of this journal on an annual basis.

This position is slightly different than typical EiC role, and includes the following tasks:

  • Communicate with the ACM and coordinate publication processes with their staff. 
  • Communicate with the guest editors provided by each research community.
  • Compose and respond to an editorial board and advisory board for the journal.
  • Work with editors to assess and shape the reviewing process for work in the journal.

The ideal candidate should have experience:

  • Publishing in the conferences that have supplied content to PACMHCI.
  • Major volunteer role (papers chair, publications chair) related to the publication of content at a SIGCHI venue.
  • Volunteer management and distributed collaboration.

Expressions of Interest

Applications and enquiries should be submitted to the search committee chair Julie Rico Williamson at  Applicants should send a CV and a vision statement of 1000 words or less.  Vision statements should address a 10-year strategic vision of the role of journals in the SIGCHI community.

The deadline for applications is October 25th 2019.




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